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Mon fils voudrait être…Mannequin!!

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C’est Achraf, mon plus jeune fils . Il est né le 13/12/1990 et son plus grand rêve est d’être mannequin ou star de cinéma.





















IMG_4103& IMG_4102






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36 réflexions sur “Mon fils voudrait être…Mannequin!!

  1. Tbarakallah! Il a bien changé et il est devenu un homme. Je le préfère dans les dernières photos, sans la barbe :-).
    Je lui souhaite beaucoup de chance pour la suite, Que son rêve se réalise,in cha Allah! Bonne fin de journée cher Khalil.

  2. Je lui souhaite de réussir. Il a un look c’est vrai. Maintenant, il faut faire la course aux agences, et avoir un bon book.

  3. Un papa heureux ..

  4. Tu dois être un papa très fière … ton fils est magnifique ! Je lui souhaite le meilleure pour son rêve et espère qu’il deviendra réalité  » in chaAllah

  5. Un beau garçon que tu as là, tu dois être fier.
    Je lui souhaite de réussir dans ses projets, que son rêve devienne réalité.
    Bonne semaine Khalil

  6. Il a le profil et le sourire.

  7. Il ressemble à Antonio Banderas, alors pk pas?! 🙂 Il est très jeune, il doit essayer de réaliser son rêve… Bonne chance! 🙂

  8. Votre fils est vraiment mannequin! Doivent suivre leur rêve! C’est un homme très très chouette! Une grande chance!
    Passez une bonne journée! 🙂

  9. Un nouveau prix vous attend, suivez le lien. A new award awaits you. Follow the link 🙂

  10. I hope you speak English? Great photos. Is that your son?

    • Thanks. I speak english but not very well. Yes, Achraf is my son.

      • He is very handsome. You must be proud.

      • Thank you very mach. He is the youngest of my children.
        He looks his path in the cinema and he has just obtained his leading part in a serial.

      • That is great, tell him congratulations from me. I am sure he will be good at acting and the ladies will like to look at him. What countries will see the serial?

      • Thank you, it is very kind and I shall pass on to him your congratulations.
        For the serial, he is in Arabic and will be presented to the month of Ramadan, thus it will pass in Arab countries.

      • That is a shame. May be you could post a clip when he has finished it, if you are allowed?

      • OK, I shall make him on my blog, once finished.
        Thank you for the interest which you carry to my son, it will delight him and will encourage him.
        I hope that he will have roles in serials in French or in English.

      • I think he will be great, he has a good look. Years ago, I appeared as an extra in series one, episode 13 of the Torchwood series. I don’t know if you have seen Torchwood? If he has a wife, I expect she is very proud of him too.

      • Torchwood is a British television series of science fiction, created by Russell T Davies, with John Barrowman and Eve Myles.
        I did not see this series but I heard about it in the BBC.
        For my son, he is not married yet.
        I shall be willing to see this episode where you there apparaîssais.

      • You are very knowledgeable. I was only in it briefly. I was wearing a white jacket and screaming and running away from a monster. It was filmed in the city centre of Cardiff and was paid work via an agency. I was filmed in 5 scenes but only shown in one and I was also in the trailer, so I was very happy with that.

      • Thank you.
        Certainly when we participate in a movie or a series, we feel trusting. I hope to see you in other movies. It is very beautiful.

      • Thanks, that would be good, unfortunately that agency has closed now. You will probably see me on Amazon with a book or two in a few months time. I am also changing my website into a e-Book store in a couple of months time. Lovely to speak to you. Give my best wishes to your son.

      • I shall be delighted to read to you. All the pleasure belongs to me to have to discuss with you.

      • Thank you. Have a wonderful night. Many blessings to you, your son and family.

      • Thanks. Good night.

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